Customized combination treatments give undeniable results.

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Montana Medical Aesthetics Clinic offers treatments focusing on improving the health and vitality of your skin. Utilizing various modalities, we are able to customize treatments for the following concerns:

Using Photodynamic BBL Therapy, Rejuvalaz, Dermasweep and Acne Peel, along with skincare will initiate dramatic improvements in acne.

Dramatic improvements can be obtained using Rejuvalaz, Microlaser Peel, Rejuvapen Micro-needling and ProFractional treatments.

Treatments with Dermasweep and Chemical Peel, Photo-rejuvenation with BBL, Microlaser Peel, Rejuvalaz, Rejuvapen Micro-needling and skincare products can stimulate collagen and decrease pore size.

Add volume to lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and corners of the mouth using FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers, Juvederm and Voluma for a more youthful appearance.

Photo-rejuvenation using BBL decreases vessels associated with rosacea and sun damage.

A noninvasive infrared light treatment, Skinlyte, improves collagen production to naturally tighten loose skin associated with aging.

ProFractional treatments, Rejuvalaz, and Micro-needling are highly effective treatments to minimize scars.

Painless focused-field radio-frequency, Vanquish, kills fat cells with no downtime.

Unwanted folds or creases ¡n skin respond to Botox, Juvederm, SkinTyte, Microlaser Peels, ProFractional treatments, Rejuvapen Microneedling, Forever Young BBL treatments, and quality skincare products.

Decreasing brown spots can be accomplished in all skin types using BBL, Microlaser Peel, ProFractional, Dermasweep with Chemical Peel, or Rejuvapen Micro-needling and maintained with skincare products.

Effective destruction of telangiectasia’s, spider veins, and reticular vessels is accomplished non-surgically using the 1064 Nd:Yag laser.

A chronic, frustrating condition can be gently treated and maintained with ProFractional, Rejuvapen Micro-needling, and skincare products.

Thick, discolored nails of both the hands and feet are treated using the 1064 Nd: Yag Laser; encouraging healthy new nail growth.

 A chronic condition characterized by facial redness, flushing, and acne-like pustules is dramatically improved and effectively maintained utilizing three individual laser/BBL treatments in one session.

One of the most common visible issues making one appear older than desired can be treated with BBL Photo-rejuvenation, Microlaser Peel, Contour Resurfacing, ProFractional, Rejuvapen
Micro-needling, Dermasweep with Chemical Peel, and quality skincare.

Reduce body hair growth with minimal discomfort using Sciton’s BBL system.