Conquer you core with Vanquish! How many of us have that perfect pair of jeans that spend more time being worn by a hanger in our closet than being worn on our hips? How often do we avoid wearing certain articles ofclothing due to bulges we wish were not showing? If you are ready to leave the muffin top on the muffin, then VANQUISH® is the treatment for you.

Vanquish® uses radio frequency waves to target fat cells. It heats the fat cells up enough to cause death of the cells without damage to muscle or skin. Each Vanquish treatment targets a large surface area quickly, efficiently, and comfortably and is designed to work on problematic midsection areas (abdomen and love handles) for people who are in good overall health. The biggest risk during treatment is a hot spot if the radio frequency waves land too close to a bone. If this happens, the medical provider simply needs to adjust the applicator.

The only preparation required before your Vanquish treatment is to drinks lots of water. The more hydrated you are, the easier it is for the radio frequency waves to target the fat cells. After treatment, the skin may be a little pink and warm to the touch. To help your body burn the fat cells most effectively, it is also suggested that you do a light 30” workout and continue to drink water for 2 days after your treatment.