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Laser Hair Removal

Are you ready to give up frequent shaving and painful waxing? Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution with little discomfort. For the best possible results, our skilled technicians prepare a treatment plan that’s unique for each client.

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Body

Target Unwanted Hair


Forget tweezing and waxing, laser hair removal can tame the hair on your upper lip, between the brows and chin, and our experienced laser tech can even precisely target dark coarse hairs for the most natural look.

Laser Hair Removal - Face


You can lose the razor and gain the same sleek, soft look as a fresh shave with laser hair removal. Best of all, the results are permanent after several treatments.

Laser Hair Removal - Legs


Laser hair removal is effective at removing and/or thinning unwanted hair on arms, underarms, back, and bikini area. Our laser technicians are known for their precision.

Laser Hair Removal - Body

What You Can Expect

After a close examination, our experienced laser technician will help you develop an individualized treatment plan. Since hair has different growth cycles depending on the area of the body, your treatment plan is likely to include between three and six sessions spaced six to 12 weeks apart. Laser hair removal is, at times, uncomfortable but should not be painful. Best of all, you’ll love the lasting results.

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