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    Mint Threads

    MINT Threads

    We carry two different kinds of polydioxanone (PDO) threads: lifting threads and smooth threads. Threads are a minimally-invasive and non-surgical option for those looking to improve the appearance of their skin and soft tissues. This option means minimal social down-time and no large scars. These threads will biodegrade over time, making them non-permanent; but the collagen they stimulate will stick around longer to give you natural and long-lasting results!

    Unlike many of their competitors, MINT threads are molded instead of cut, giving them extra strength to create a more defined facial structure while maintaining your own natural beauty.

    Lifting Threads

    Lifting Threads

    We carry a variety of threads used for lifting tissues against the force of gravity. These threads each have a pattern of tiny barbs facing different directions, allowing us to design specific lifting vectors and customize a plan for each individual. If you would like to get a little lifting upward and backward for your facial tissues, but are not ready for a surgical facelift, come talk to us
    about getting a PDO Thread Lift!

    Thread lifts are FDA-approved to reduce the nasolabial fold, but clients are also seeing some of the following improvements:

    ● Decreased marionette lines
    ● Improved jowls
    ● Enhanced cheeks
    ● Defined jawline
    ● Lifted brows
    ● Elevated eyes
    ● Firmer skin

    Ask us about our packages and where lifting threads can be placed!.

    Mallory explains Lifting threads

    Collagen - Stimulating Threads

    Mono Threads

    Mono threads are smooth threads made of a PDO suture, wrapped around a needle for insertion below the skin's surface. The purpose of these threads is to cause mild irritation that stimulates collagen production, thereby rejuvenating skin to appear smoother and more youthful.

    Common areas of use
    ● Face:
    ● Glabella/"frown lines"
    ● Lateral canthus wrinkles/"crow's feet"
    ● Under-eyes
    ● Cheeks
    ● Lip lines
    ● Nasolabial folds/"smile lines"
    ● Marionette lines
    ● Body:
    ● Submentum/"double chin"
    ● Neck
    ● Chest/décolleté
    ● Breasts
    ● Arms
    ● Abdomen
    ● Buttocks
    ● Thighs
    ● Skin above knees

    And more, just ask us!



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