Some treatments are less compatible with typical activity during summer months—that of being out in the sun. Many of our laser treatments work best when you don’t expose your face to the sun, and we all know how hard that can be during summer.

But what can you do to for a perfect summer face treatment? Microneedling.

It is an ideal treatment to reduce your wrinkles, smooth and refine skin, reduce pores, and fade scars and spots. Even better, microneedling is a one-hour procedure that can have you back to work the next day. And it is very affordable, especially now because we have it on special for 20 percent off.

Specifically, here is what microneedling can do:

  • builds collagen back into areas where it has been stripped such as in acne pitting and scars, wrinkles, and keloid scars
  • tighten skin as it helps to smooth the skin out
  • shrinks pores
  • lightens sun damage, melasma, and other dark spots
  • targets wrinkles, especially good for eye wrinkles

How it works

We use a microneedle pen that is motorized and puts microtears in the skin. The pen allows us to be precise and get into all the little areas. We make several passes across the whole face, and it takes about 30 minutes. After, we add therapeutic products such as collagen, when it is perfect for absorbing into the skin. Add a little sunscreen, and you are on your way!

When you can expect results:

Within a week, you should see more glowy skin which gets better as time goes on. Within four to six weeks, your body will have produced a lot of collagen to repair the micro damage, and your skin will look amazing.

Needles are scary to many people, but we promise, this is not a procedure to get worked up about. Most our patients say it is like a light scratching on their face. In addition, we put a topical anesthesia that takes about 30 minutes to be effective. The procedure last about 30 minutes, and when you are done your face feels like it is sunburned. You will have some swelling, a little bleeding that stops immediately, and tightening of the skin.

Activities can be resumed the next day. Within about four or five days, you should have little to no visible signs of the procedure, and from there, it is tighter, clearer, more smooth and younger-looking skin. We often recommend a series of treatments for more troublesome problems.